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Sunshine Diet

Before and After Pictures
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Before and After Pictures
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You've chosen "before and After Pictures."  Check out some people that have tried this site and listen to their opinions on The Sunshine diet!



Hi, I'm Jenny and I started the Sunshine diet about a year ago.  I lost about half a pound a day, so every month i lost about 14-15 pounds.  It's worked out great, try it!



Hi my name is Shelly, and i actually just started The Sunshine Diet.  In college, i did aerobix and tought yoga and was a real healthnut.(she chuckles) But after i had my baby, i was never really motivated to lose weight, i just kind of sat around and took care of Rankine.  But then I heard about the sunshine diet.  It changed my life.  I have been on it for about 5 months and I'm already starting up what i truly love, aerobix.  Thank you Ashley and Dan, you guys worked a miracle!

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Ghandi and Ralpheesh

Hi this is Ghandi and Ralpheesh.  We started the diet about 5 years ago.  It's has kept us healthy as we grew with age, and has kept our appearance looking FABULOUS!  YOU KNOW! Thank you!

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Lacey and her children

Thank you Dr. Wayne and Dr. Schweikert, i needed this.  My kid's used to beg me to take them to the store for something, but i was too lazy to get up and take them.  But now, I'm a new person! And guess what babe, I love it! Thank you again.